Biological station


The Biological Station and its History

The Biological Station has a historical history. Around 1958, the house was inhabited by an indigenous family and the surrounding land was used as a finca. The station is located in the Limon Talamanca region in the indigenous village of Bri Bri near the Volio Waterfall. Even then, the area was considered a special excursion destination and was known for its richness of flora and fauna. The cult film Maripossa Azul was also shot here and many of our neighbours took part in this film.

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 At that time, many of the ba’mewere caught here and transported with large trucks. The organization Casa Gaja bought the house and about 115 hectares of surrounding rainforest from the indigenous family in order to preserve this area. The house was converted into a biological station with a laboratory. From 2006 the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica /Heredia used the station for tropical research and field studies. In 2008, Thorsten Tittel of the Redfrogteam visited the site to help the students who were researching there in the identification of reptiles and amphibians. At the end of 2008 the project was unfortunately discontinued by the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica /Heredia and the station was empty.

Afterwards, the Redfrog team got the opportunity to start their projects at the Biological Station. In collaboration with David Guerts, a biology teacher from Holland and Thorsten Tittel, several habitats for amphibians were created on the gelandandandand amphibians and crops such as bananas, cocoa or papaya were organically cultivated.

The Biological Station today

The Biological Station now serves the organisation Redfrogteam Guardianes de la Naturalesa as a clubhouse. We operate it as a biological station for tropical research.

It also serves as a comedy center for indigenous oiling. For this purpose, we have built a ranscho with the indigenous ones, which are made of natural materials.

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