Good news about the sea turtle conservation and breeding project.

Today we received a good news from our biologist David Guerds. In the Province Limon in the beautiful resort of Cahuita, 61 Lederücken turtles have been born babies and safely into the sea.

They are now making their journey into the wide sea. David Guerds is a senior assistant in this project. He participated in a seminar on turtle conservation in Costa Rica. The project (Turtle Rescue) has been official since this year and is supported by the environmental organization Sinac.

Since the sea turtles and their eggs are a sought-after product, they are hunted and their meat is sold, souvenirs and trinkets are made from the tanks. The eggs are also sold for consumption. Since this year, the beach in Cahuita, which is a popular storage place for turtles, is officially under protection. From 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., no people other than project employees are allowed to stay there. The beach now belongs to the turtles. We are very happy about this great change and are looking forward to long offspring of the sea turtles. All these conservation projects require a lot of time physical effort and money. Please support our important work for the preservation of Paradise on earth.

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