Redfrog Day Tours in Puerto Limon

Here, Kreutzship travelers will find their German-speaking shore excursion in Puerto Limon Costa Rica

Pura Vida Tour
Tortugero Canal and Bananito Farm Tour

As a Kreutzship traveller you unfortunately only have a short stay time in the natural paradise Costa Rica.

But you want the full program where you can experience animals, land and people in Costa Rica up close? Then take a look at our land excursion program, which we offer for cruise ship travelers from the port of Puerto Limon.

Please note that we work in ecotourism and therefore differ from the providers for large groups.

We offer these German-speaking tours to short-term holidaymakers who arrive by cruise ship.

Pura Vida Tour

The Pura Vida Tour is a full day tour that we adapt to your on and off schedule times. We pick you up from port on time and bring you back to the pier in time, so that you are back on board your ship on time.

Course of the tour

We pick you up on time directly at the harbour exit. Luis our guide and driver stands with the Pura Vida tour sign directly at the exit. When we have all gathered, we head to our minibus, which is parked nearby. We drive through the town of Limon towards Mojen where begins the Tortugero Canal, which is known for its wealth of animals and mangroves. We pass through the canal with a covered boat and our captain Victor, who knows his way around here. We will keep an eye out for animals and interesting plants and inform you about them in German. There are shepherd sloths, monkeys, iguanas, caimans and many bird species to watch. Afterwards we continue with our minibus to a fruit sand here we offer you the opportunity to examine and taste tropical fruits. Fruit juices , coconut and a boiled corn cob are also waiting for them. Afterwards we continue our journey to Puerto Viejo. Puerto Viejo means old port and is a Caribbean small town here you can see the relaxed way of life of the inhabitants, not far from here is one of the most amazing Caribbean beaches of Punta Uva which we visit. Here you have the opportunity to relax, swim in the sea or watch the animals that live here. Then we take you to the Talamanca Mountains, which is located in the vicinity of Panama. Here we make a stop in the (capital of the indigenous), we show them the village and huge iguanas that live there. We continue to the Indigenous Reserve here we visit a family that has been making chocolate for generations. We will learn the process of production and try many different flavors. Luis will also give you an insight into the natural pharmacy of the Bri Bri Indigenous. We will also have lunch with this family. Afterwards we visit the Bri Bri waterfall, here there is also the possibility to bathe or to observe the arrow poison frogs as well as there is a Coco Loco (Advanced Coconut) an Alcolic drink. Afterwards we go back to Puerto Limon to their ship.

Inclusive in this tour are:

1.A one-hour boat trip on the Tourtugero Canal

2.Visit a fruit stand where we taste the tropical delicacies.

3.Caribbean beach visits

4.Bri Bri City of Indigenous

5.Visit to a chocolate factory with an introduction to the production of chocolate in a traditional way. You will be able to taste fantastic chocolate in different flavors.

6.Insight into the naturopathic pharmacy of the Bri Bri Indigenous .

7.Lunch made from natural food

8.Bri Bri Waterfall with Coco loco

9.During the tour we offer you cold drinks

The Pura Vida Tour is suitable for smaller groups up to 10 persons. Children 12 years and older can take part in the tour.

Clothing /Equipment We recommend light casual wear, bathing suits, waterproof shoes. Light rain clothing on rainy days. As equipment, your camera should definitely be there.


Price 135 .-.

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Pura Vida Tour on Trippadvisor here you can find our reviews of the tour

Tortugero Canal

Tour 2

Our Bananito Farm Tour

Visit a finca /farm near Puerto Limon .

Bananito Farm is located near a water conservation area on the Rio Bananito. On the finca various products such as cocoa, fruit and vegetables are grown organically. We cordially invite you to this full day tour with us.

Course of the tour

They are picked up by David our biologist from Holland at the pier of their ship. Then we go through Puerto Limon in the direction of Mojen to the Tortugero canal. Here we drive an hour over the species-rich canal and David will lead you professionally into the world of animals and plants. Numerous bird species, monkeys, sloths, iguanas and crocodiles live on the Tortugero Canal. After the relaxed boat trip we continue to Bananito Finca. Here we cross a stream and enter a world far away from normal tourism. You enter a true natural oasis. Jonny an indigenous who lives here will welcome you and show them the finca and its products as well as their processing. You can also hike to a waterfall, observe animals or hike along the creek. They can also examine the heritage of the Indigenous people. A lunch from the food of the finca is also prepared for you. At the end of the tour we will take you back to the pier of your ship.

Article Image_Survival Tour
Kitchen in the guest house

Light casual clothing, rain protection, bathing suits, water shoes or rubber boots is suitable for clothing. The tour is suitable for children from 12 years.

Inclusive of the tour are:

1. Transfer from the port to Mojen and on to the finca ,Hin und Rckfahrt.

2.Boat trip on the Tourtugero Canal

3.Lunch at the finca

4.Various hikes and attractions on the finca

Price 85,. $


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