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Hello dear amphibians, reptiles and nature lovers.

Many of you know the Redfrogteam about our shop in which we offer terrarium decoration and much more for your caregivers. However, the Redfrog team is much more. We are a non-profit association dedicated to the conservation of species and nature in Costa Rica.

The tasks of our association are .

1. Land purchase to protect it .

2. Reforestation

3. Monitoring of ilegal hunting and deforestation .

4. Promoting Indigenous Culture

5. Reproduction of plants and animals for export

6. Water protection

7. Ecotourism

Information can be found here

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We now need your help to carry out this work.

Some of you will be pleased that we are taking action on these issues and are carrying out these projects and surely the project with the legal export of animals and plants is an important point for you. The Redfrog team was also very important to this point, as the nature conservation laws in Costa Rica are becoming increasingly strict and legal exports and breeding are virtually impossible. As a result, many illegal withdrawals from nature take place, which often destroy entire populations. Which is not in our interest. The Redfrog team is allowed to produce offspring of plants and animals to cover the export required. Our Vitze President Luis is a state biologist and is already busy applying for the necessary papers and we already have some breeding groups of amphibians and reptiles in Neofauna Park. In August we start with the construction of terrariums for the biological station. However, the permits, like the expansion, cost a lot of money. I would like to thank you for the lively sympathy and donations in kind, which came together through a call from Criss Steibach over Facebook.

Please help us with a small donation.

The family of reptiles, amphibians and natural libhabers is large. That’s why even small donations help us. The donations are used for the implementation of our association work and every Euro from you will be used to implement it. With a donation of more than 10 ,-Euro we will thank you for the donation with a gift from our shop articles.

All donations to the Redfrogteam are tax deductible.

You have the possibility to transfer your donation to the icing account via Pay Pal account shop redfrogteam or via our shop. We are happy about every little help and like to name our subordinates on the homepage. Your Redfrog team if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Paypal account is

We accept Bitcoin Our address is : 3N9oqJpenEuresRxYw7qd95PwsUmynubWs




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