Tours Report with Crissy Steinbach from Germany

  With the Redfrogteam in search of frogs, snakes and spiders in different habitats in Costa Rica.

This report describes the course of our special tours for spiders and frog lovers.Visited places were Bri Bri,Panama,Gandoca,Gandoca,Moin Limon,Batan,Sequires,Guayacan,Turrialba,Vulcan Irazu,Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui.

Chrissi Steinbach is known as a frog keeper in Germany He planned a Costa Rica holiday to experience the life of his caregivers in nature. He also wanted to experience as much of the country as possible. He also wanted to get to know the Redfrog team personally, which he only knew from the Internet. Over the Internet he started a collection campaign of terrarium accessories. Which we urgently need for the terrarium construction for frog breeding. This fundraising appeal was also made with useful items by Paul Nuarb
Stefan Meier
Denise Imhof
Michael Kuhl-Dendroshop
Kay Dobrofsky
Frank Eschweiler
Ute Sawade supports.The Redfrog team would like to thank you again for the material and donations.m

Arrival in Costa Rica

On 27.08.2009 Chrissi arrived in Puerto Limon at the same time as his sponsor package. Unfortunately, a sponsored camera and the package landed at customs. I met with Chrissi there so that he no longer had to wait alone at the bus stop for me. Since the import regulations in Costa Rica are very strict, the silicone and the feed have been seized by customs for the first time and a permit can only be issued by the health mine. However, we wanted to avoid further visits to the hotel for today. So we took the bus along the Caribbean beaches on our way to the rainforest to the Biological Station in Bri Bri to the Alto Talamanca Mountains.

Redfrogteam Biological Station

The Biological Station is located in the rainforest of Talamanca near the Volio waterfall and serves as a research station for us. Most of our tours start from hir. The surrounding rainforest is very rich in species and a true paradise. We offer you here a free tour advice, food and drink as well as a simple accommodation.

In the evenings we arrived at the Biological Station with a lot of luggage. During a tour of the station building, Crissy discovers a baby boa in the roof for joy. Danch we are only exhausted in bed.

Day trip at the Biological Station

Crissy was already awake and set out to explore the gel. Already on the stairs of the house he could discover the first Pumilios. Afterwards he found many more specimens of the Pimilio Bri Bri Variante.Im garden he saw some D auratus. And he eatthed the calls of D.lugrubis

Volio Waterfall near the Biological Station

About 20 minutes walk and man reaches the waterfall hidden in the rainforest.

Later he set out to visit the nearby Volio waterfall. However, he could not find him alone because it is hidden deep in the rainforest. My friend Masca came to visit with his family so they all visited the waterfall together and had a lot of fun. In addition, you can see and hear various animal species such as birds and monkeys in the evening hours at full moon also predatory cats.

Willy Herpotologist of the team also appears on the station.

Our herpotologist of the willy team also arrived at the station. He has travelled from Guayacan where he is currently working on a spider project. We will now plan our negotiations together with Chrissi.

Willy was very much looking forward to our tour together and that he is against the station. We wanted to go to the surrounding rainforest at night to look for animals and fish a few shrimps for our luxury evening red.

Night tour at the Biological Station

At night the real life begins in the surrounding rainforest and numerous frogs awaken at the lagoons and little ones and Schangenarten.In a nearby stream we even discovered some Glasfrösche.Im stream that night we fish edging a pair of shrimps for our supper.

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

The next day we drove to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca to rent a car for the tour.


By car we then drove along the street and over en Schleichweg through the rainforest to the border with Panama in order to buy there g’nstig Proviant for the tour.

Refugio Gandoca

After our purchase we drove to the Refugio Gandoca welces on the border with Panama. In this nature reserve there are shield cranes of protection projects and narwhals .

A visit to Gandoca is always worthwhile. Often we see kamane in the lagoons.Rare monkey species,leguanes,snakes and much more. The lagoon Gndoca is the only one in Costa Rica where narwhals still live. The Minaet has a turtle protection project. The beach is very nice but not suitable for bathing, because here there are strong streaks.


Gandoca Lagoon

The visit to Gandoca was very worthwhile but we also saw frightening pictures

Night tour in the Reserva indigena in Alto Talamanca near Bri Bri.

Not far from the Biological Station is the Reseva indigena, where the Bri Bri and Cabeka indigenous live. We drove hir into a wooded area which is very natural to observe the night-active animals.

At about 19.00 we reached the outed place we drove slowly into the area by car and lit it up with the flashlights. And suddenly we honked the calls of glass frogs, which unfortunately we did not get in front of the lens. A little deeper in the gel nde we were able to identify a lagoon that alone had the various call sounds slithering to an Ampfiebien-rich area.

A spurelli a rarity

We will continue to examine this lagoon for its species. But for today we cancel the excursion as tomorrow it will continue very early.

Planning the tour

Already in the evening we put together our equipment for our joint tour. Various cameras ,Messger’te ,Kescher ,Beh’lter and especially flashlights were corrected in the laboratory and prepared for the tour.


At 6 o’clock it was called to get up, however, no one really wanted to come out of the pötten because at night many exciting storrys were shot out of the rainforest, as well as a few beers and jégermeister sans. And some meat for the tour. But at 7.15 o’clock we started the engine of the packed car and we went to Limon Moin . This is where the Tortugerro Canal rises. Which always offers new interesting pictures and experiences.

The Tortugero canal starts in Limon Moin and continues to Nicaraguar.Im canal there are many fish and crabs of the trees is largely from different mangroves, which shave the area and filter the water. Numerous animal species live here. We sailed with our Captain Victor and his boat to the canal which today was very quiet since the Turristscharen are not here this month.

The Storri is soon to continue


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